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Why it is great to be a CRC Distributor?

CRC® is a leading supplier of High-quality Film Capacitors in China.

Our marketers [distributors] represent our company and products to the public.

They drive new product development and provide valuable insights into customers' needs.

What we offer

# A wide range of high quality film capacitors.

# Access to a wide array of marketing materials and programs.
# Comprehensive technical and sales support.
  • # Technical and commercial training.
# Access to current product development and testing results.

What we expect

We expect a true commitment to service excellence, and fast local delivery.
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Join our network of distributors

We are proud to have built a network of distribution partners in China and

around the world. CRC is currently inviting new companies to join our growing

international distributor network. We wish to promote our solutions in the existing

and new markets. We are looking for loyal, dedicated partners with in-depth

technical expertise, extensive local market knowledge and relevant contacts.

If you are interested in finding out more about our distributor programme or

would like to become a distributor yourself, please call us at +86-755-8172 7513

or email on sales@crccapacitor.com

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